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about us

boutique touring co.

A family owned company who had a dream to showcase the secrets of our regions combined with beautiful produce, style and superior comfort. Since 2013 over 50,000 guests have travelled with us, we have completed over 5,000 journeys and more than 94% of our guest reviews are 5 stars!


We are a community of like minded souls travelling the world in search authentic experiences. We travel in small packs, we share, we smile in our mission to find our best selves.


Life is busy and often time is of the essence. Our one day travel experiences will maximise your time whilst creating lasting memories with the ones you love.

why us

our mission.


Is to become a world leader in offering unique and authentic travel experiences.



Our ultimate vision is to inspire the world to preserve the land we borrow from our children. 

tour licensing 

great ocean road tours
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