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Jason & Athena company owners. inspiring travellers since 2004.


Jason - Founder

After following my dream of never having to wear a suit to work, in 2003 I completed a Diploma in Tourism Management in the remote Alpine Resort MtBuller. After working three years in ski resorts while completing my diploma I decided to move back to Melbourne. In 2004 I landed my first real tourism position at Peterpans Adventure Travel as a travel consultant. The beginnings of a career in tourism.

Athena - Founder

After completing a Bachelor in Marketing in 1999 Athena decided to set off on an adventure of a life time moving to Canada to live and work with the idea of saving money in order to travel the world. Athena then travelled through 26 countries over two years before arriving home in 2004. With a world of travel knowledge she decided to apply for a travel consultant position at Peterpans Adventure Travel.

Tourism Industry Experience

Athena and I met at Peterpans Adventure Travel in 2004 and instantly hit it off.

We became the best of friends and a dynamic team in the Peterpans Adventure Travel office organising dream holidays for our customers travelling around Australia. Within 12 months I was promoted to store manager and thrusted into the world of business management. Within the first 3 months sales records tumbled as we set about creating complete travel solutions for our clients to travel offering service far beyond our competitors. Our success within Peterpans & Website Travel would continue for 8 years and lead into other roles such as business development.

During this time Athena & I became incredibly close our relationship would blossom. We fell in love. We started to dream about our future and endless possibilities. The stars would design our future with a young soul, our first boy Jarrah was on his way to meet us. Before long our beautiful daughter Ashby was born and not long after our cheeky little man Marlow came into the world.

With Athena coming into her own as the most incredible mother meant that I would need to find a new path and a few extra dollars to make ends meet.

A new beginning

In 2012 I gained employment as a Great Ocean Road Tour Guide. This was the perfect job for a young father working 4 days per week and home for 3. I fell in love with tour guiding and the incredible great ocean road. I crafted my skills and received feedback about the experiences I delivered. I had learned everything a client desires through my experience at a travel agency; now it was all coming together as learned what a client expects of the delivery of their travel experience. I learned some clients were not satisfied with aspects of the tours I was employed to deliver, aspects I had no control over. I listened, I learned and with endless hours of driving I began to dream of a tour that would be true extension of myself. 

The Awakening

In May 2013 I informed Athena of my intention to follow my the little voice in my head and start my own business. I had a vision to inspire people from all over the world, to exceed their expectations and make their dreams come true.

I presented a simple webpage I had designed and a piece of paper with some figures. Reluctantly, as you would being a new mother of three,  Athena would give me her blessing and with a promise that I would not let our family down I began to lay the foundations for Melbourne Coastal Touring. 

The Journey

Since 2013 we have been striving to create the most inspiring one day travel experiences from Melbourne. Athena & I discussed our own travel experiences & self discovery. Our souls light up when we recount our adventures of self. Finding yourself is the heart of every travel experience. We designed our tours with this in mind, to give you these moments. We'll exhilarate your senses with fine local produce. We'll connect with you and enhance your Melbourne experience beyond the inspiring regions we showcase.


We now operate 20 tours per week with a team of 7 and through our vision and hard work we plan to continue to learn & grow.

The Future


A derive (french) is an unplanned journey through a landscape on which the subtle contours of the architecture and geography subconsciously direct the travellers, with the ultimate goal of encountering an entirely new and authentic experience.

In 2016 derive travel - parent company was established.......

Melbourne Coastal Tours

have been inspired by our experiences

Melbourne Coastal Tours


Melbourne Coastal Tours
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95% of all reviews  are five stars



We are a community of like minded souls travelling the world in search authentic experiences. We travel in small packs, we share, we smile in our mission to find our best selves.


Life is busy and often time is of the essence. Our one day travel experiences will maximise your time whilst creating lasting memories with the ones you love.

our mission.


Is to become a world leader in offering unique and authentic travel experiences.




Our ultimate vision is to inspire the world to preserve the land we borrow from our children. 

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