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Great Ocean Road Day Trip

Picturesque is an understatement when you set forth on a journey with Melbourne Boutique Tours throughout the Great Ocean Road. With a plethora of destinations and sightseeing monuments that will take your breath away, our great ocean road day trip is designed to impress and relax all members. With a morning tea and an impeccable lunch time meal at the finest restaurant found at the great ocean road, Melbourne Boutique Tours exceed client expectations and devote their professionalism by conducting one of Melbourne’s finest great ocean road day trip services.

Available for all ages and genders, our great ocean road day trip encompasses the ease yet energy required to be able to explore all of the great ocean road tours within one day! From the majestic 12 Apostles all the way to the luxurious Apollo Bay beach and seaside, Melbourne Boutique Tours has gone above and beyond to exceed client expectation. The breathtaking scenery and picturesque wildlife structures are exquisite around the great ocean road region. We provide a morning tea and an immaculate 5-star lunch, to cater for our clients in the most professional way possible!


With locally sourced food and a fresh touch to all dishes, you will be amazed at the quality Melbourne Boutique Tours administers! If you are on the lookout for a getaway day, full of vibrant experiences and exquisite sightseeing sceneries, look no further! Melbourne Boutique Tours provides the finest great ocean road day trip services for all ages! Contact us today, or browse our website for more details.