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Peninsula Hot Springs Tour

Express bus from Melbourne

Exhilarate your senses by joining this Peninsula Hot Springs Tour. Your soul deserves an escape of idyllic relaxation and natural thermal bathing.


Exhilarate your senses with a full-day visit to the award-winning coastal oasis known as the Peninsula Hot Springs, only 90 mins from Melbourne.

An idyllic escape for some much-needed relaxation and thermal bathing with over 50 globally-inspired bathing experiences within the one Bath House. A sure-fire way to rejuvenate your mind body and soul, as you can enjoy, sit back and relax with transport to/from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula for the day.

Pamper yourself at the world-class Peninsula Hot Springs as you soak up the serene settings and absorb the peace, whilst relaxing and rejuvenating.

The goal of the Peninsula Hot Springs is your pleasures, with the purpose being ‘to create experiences where people relax in nature and connect with the deep well of their being’.


The pools and private baths are filled with flowing natural thermal mineral waters at this award-winning coastal oasis, so you can let your worries wash away as you relax back in the naturally healing waters and mineral-rich thermal pools.


The Bath House has over 50 different bathing experiences available and provides areas suitable for guests young and old. There is also a kiosk available which offers lunches and light morning and afternoon snacks for your convenience. Peninsula Hot Springs is just 90 minutes from Melbourne and can proudly claim to be the first natural hot springs and day spa centre in


  • luxury private chartering

  • door to door vip service

  • Express Transfers to Hot Springs

  • Bathhouse Entry included

  • 3hrs of bathing time

  • expert professional driver

  • maximum group size of 12 people

  • vip upgrade spa experiences available

price on request

flexible booking dates

custom designed itineraries

out team of experts are online


departs from Melbourne

peninsula hot springs tour
peninsula hot springs tour
peninsula hot springs tour
peninsula hot springs tour
peninsula hot springs tour
peninsula hot springs tour
peninsula hot springs tour
peninsula hot springs tour


We are incredibly proud to have maintained our 5 star rating on all online review platforms.

94% of all our tour reviews are 5 stars.

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