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the nobbies phillip island

phillip island day tour

Phillip Island Penguins - Nobbies Seals
Autopia - Penguin Parade Beach Landing.j
Pyamid Rock walk, Destination Phillip Is


The Nobbies Rocks Phillip Island is a rock formation located far west Phillip Island. The pointy end of Phillip Island is situated in the heart of the Phillip Island Nature Park which is home to the largest penguin colony humans can easily access.


You'll be blown away by the pristine environment which has been regenerated by the Phillip Island Nature Parks attracting up to 15,000 little penguins. This beautiful coastal park is covered with native grasses and Bower Spinach. Their root systems form the rooftops of the penguins underground burrows.


At the Nobbies rocks, you can see wild seagulls nesting above the Southern Ocean exploding on the shores below. See the wandering albatross and sea eagles soaring above the cliffs. Witness stunning coastal scenery as you drive towards the Phillip Island penguin parade


Included in Phillip Island day tours.


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