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Mornington Peninsula Strawberry Picking Tours

Discover the hidden beauties situated in Mornington. The Mornington Peninsula strawberry picking tours are not to be missed! Arrive at the Sunny Ridge strawberry farm, engulfed with breathtaking views and activities to indulge in. Melbourne Boutique Tours provides safety and reliability with the latest, roadworthy and up-to-date buses that will administer excellent transportation along the east coast. Immaculate mornington peninsula strawberry picking tours, with professionalism and ease!

Be tempted and arouse your taste buds with award-winning fruit ice creams, heavenly berry desserts and refreshments while relaxing in the strawberry cafe. Savour the unique flavours and intoxicating aromas of our medal-winning range of fruit wines and liqueurs made from Sunny Ridge strawberries. With care and patience, we will guide our clients on an outstanding mornington peninsula strawberry-picking tour that will be hard to ever forget. Strawberry picking is always a fun and entertaining task. It provides you with the opportunity to indulge in the beautiful taste of ripe red strawberries as well as enjoy the sun.

The Mornington Peninsula is one of the few regions in Victoria where you can choose casual cafés, chic restaurants and Chef’s Hat fine dining both in our coastal villages and our hinterland hamlets. Our team here at Melbourne Boutique Tours have done their research and administered state-of-the-art sightseeing, wine tasting and overall excellent strawberry picking tours to suit the likings of each individual. Reliability, professionalism and a smile on your face is what we guarantee with our immaculate coastal tours!

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