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sunny ridge strawberry farm

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Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm
Mornington Peninsula, Sunny Ridge Strawb

Mornington Peninsula Strawberry Picking Information

Sunny Ridge Strawberry farm was one of the first growers in the state to offer a "you pick" produce experience. Since many have followed suit and you'll have to come and experience it for yourself to understand why.


As we arrive we take you in to the farm house to organise a basket and we then take you into the fields of green and red to pick lucious ripe strawberries.


Once you have picked 500g of strawberries head back inside and the Sunny Ridge staff will package it up for you. While your waiting explores the amazing produce shop full of strawberry delights.


Then head over to the Cheeky Rascal cellar door to taste the properties amazing wines and specialty fruit ciders!


A truly delicious experience.


Included in Mornington Peninsula Winery Tours.


For further information, contact us:






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