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Welcome to Exmouth Tours, your trusted source for the best whale shark tours in the Ningaloo Reef region! Located in the beautiful town of Exmouth, we offer unforgettable experiences that allow our visitors to explore the majestic waters of the reef and observe the awe-inspiring whale sharks up close. Our tours are designed to be fun, safe and educational for everyone involved.

We offer an array of tour packages, ranging from half-day trips to full-day adventures. Our experienced staff will provide you with all the necessary gear and safety measures, so you can rest assured that your time on the water will be enjoyable and safe.

What are Exmouth Tours?

Exmouth Tours is a series of adventure and leisure trips that take you to the heart of Western Australia, allowing you to explore some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the country. These tours are specialized and cater to the diverse interests of tourists, ranging from those who love marine life, coral reefs, and stunning beaches to those who seek exciting adventures such as surfing, snorkelling, and diving.

Located in the North West Cape of Western Australia, Exmouth is the perfect gateway to the famous Ningaloo Reef, which is the largest fringing coral reef system in the world. The reef showcases an incredible diversity of marine creatures, including whale sharks, reef sharks, manta rays, and humpback whales, among many others.

Exmouth Tours offers a range of options to suit all types of travellers. For those looking to explore the famous Ningaloo Reef, the tours offer the chance to swim alongside the largest fish in the world, the gentle whale sharks, or to get up close to other tropical fish and coral reefs that make up the Ningaloo Marine Park.

Why Visit Exmouth?

Exmouth, a town on the North West Cape of Western Australia, is a hidden gem that more and more travellers are discovering. And it's easy to see why.

One of the main reasons to visit Exmouth is to experience the Ningaloo Reef, the world's largest fringing coral reef system. This means that the reef is just meters away from the shore, making it accessible for both snorkelers and scuba divers. The Ningaloo Reef is home to a plethora of marine life, including the infamous whale sharks, which can be seen swimming alongside snorkelers during their annual migration from March to August.

But Exmouth offers more than just the Ningaloo Reef. The nearby Cape Range National Park boasts stunning gorges and rock formations, including the majestic Yardie Creek, which can be viewed from a boat tour or a leisurely hike. Breathtaking beaches, such as Turquoise Bay and Coral Bay, are just a short drive away and offer pristine white sand and clear blue water.

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Ningaloo Reef

Nestled along the pristine coast of Western Australia lies the Ningaloo Reef, a marvel of natural beauty and biodiversity. Known as one of the world's largest fringing coral reefs, the Ningaloo Reef stretches over 300 kilometres and is a haven for a diverse range of marine life.

Visitors who explore the Ningaloo Reef have the chance to swim with the gentle giants of the ocean, the whale shark. From March to August each year, these massive fish make their annual migration to the reef, providing snorkelers and scuba divers with a truly unforgettable experience. And it's not just the whale sharks that make Ningaloo Reef unique - visitors can also spot an array of other marine life, such as reef sharks, manta rays, and tropical fish.

Overview of Ningaloo Reef

Located in Western Australia, Ningaloo Reef is one of the most beautiful and biodiverse coral reefs in the world. It spans over 260 kilometres, making it the largest fringing coral reef in the world, and it is home to over 500 species of fish, 300 species of coral, and a variety of other marine wildlife. Visitors to Ningaloo have the unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the sea, as they migrate through the area each year between March and August. But it's not just the whale sharks that make Ningaloo Reef special - visitors can also see manta rays, reef sharks, sea turtles, and a plethora of colourful fish.

Beyond the incredible marine life, Ningaloo Reef is also a vibrant ecosystem of coral gardens and seagrass meadows. The Ningaloo Marine Park was established to protect and preserve this special environment, ensuring that it remains a prized natural wonder for generations to come.

Visitors can explore the Ningaloo Coast with a variety of guided tours, including whale shark swimming and snorkelling excursions, as well as tours that take visitors through the stunning terrain of nearby Cape Range National Park. The turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches in the area also provide an idyllic setting for visitors to relax and unwind.

Ningaloo Reef is not just an ordinary destination for tourists - it's a truly unique and awe-inspiring natural wonder. Whether you're an experienced diver or a curious first-timer, a trip to Ningaloo Reef is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed.

Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are the largest fish species in the world, and they can be found swimming in the waters of Ningaloo Reef. These gentle giants can grow up to 40 feet in length and weigh up to 20 tons, making them an awe-inspiring sight for visitors.

One of the most popular attractions in Ningaloo Reef is the opportunity to swim with these magnificent creatures. Experienced guides take visitors out on excursions where they can snorkel alongside the whale sharks and witness their graceful movements up close.

Swimming with whale sharks is an exhilarating experience that many visitors will never forget. The creatures move slowly and gracefully through the water, allowing swimmers to get an incredible view of their distinctive spots and markings. Despite their large size, whale sharks are completely harmless, feeding on small fish and plankton.

Notably, the Ningaloo Reef is one of the few places in the world where visitors can reliably swim with whale sharks. The season for swimming with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef typically runs from March to August, so visitors will want to plan their trip accordingly.

Overall, swimming with whale sharks is an unforgettable experience that is sure to be the highlight of any trip to Ningaloo Reef. With the guidance of experienced guides and the opportunity to witness these gentle giants in their natural habitat, visitors will leave with a newfound appreciation for the incredible marine life that resides in this beautiful ecosystem.

Yardie Creek

Located within the Cape Range National Park near Coral Bay, Yardie Creek is a popular destination for tourists seeking an escape into nature. The breathtaking display of towering red cliffs that form a natural sanctuary for a variety of unique wildlife is the main attraction of this location.

For those who prefer a more adventurous experience, kayaking through the creek's tranquil waters is a must-try activity. The clear and calm waters provide the perfect backdrop for a peaceful, scenic paddle. Kayakers can also get closer to the steep, towering cliffs and observe the unique rock formations up close.

Another way to get a glimpse of the diverse wildlife of Yardie Creek is by taking a wildlife cruise. These tours offer visitors a chance to see the aquatic animals such as turtles and rays, as well as the chance to spot wallabies, rock wallabies, and other mammals that call the gorge home.

Regardless of the activities chosen, visitors are sure to be charmed by the stunning natural beauty of Yardie Creek, making it an ideal location for those looking for a peaceful and serene escape into nature.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a stunning tourist destination located in Western Australia, known for its mesmerizing coral reefs and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The small town attracts tourists from all over the world, who come to explore its natural wonders and enjoy a range of exciting outdoor activities.

One of the main attractions in Coral Bay is the Ningaloo Reef, one of the world's largest and most pristine coral reefs. The reef is home to a spectacular array of marine life, including over 500 species of fish, various species of sharks, manta rays, dugongs, and sea turtles. Snorkelling and diving in the Ningaloo Reef offer visitors a chance to witness this incredible ecosystem up close and personal.

In conclusion, Coral Bay is an ideal destination for a relaxing and adventurous holiday, with its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and diverse marine life. It's also home to many fantastic tours and activities, making it hard to resist for those seeking a truly unforgettable experience of Western Australia's natural beauty.

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Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park is a breathtaking natural wonder located in Western Australia that is a must-visit destination for any nature lover. Covering over 50,000 hectares, the park offers visitors stunning views of rugged canyons, pristine beaches, and an abundance of unique wildlife.

One of the park's most popular attractions is Yardie Creek, a picturesque gorge that is a great spot for hiking, kayaking, and birdwatching. Visitors can walk along the creek and see a wide range of bird species, including ospreys and wedge-tailed eagles, or kayak on the clear and calm waters of the creek that provide a peaceful and serene setting.

For those seeking more of an adrenaline rush, the park also offers opportunities for cliff diving, cave exploration, and snorkelling amongst the beautiful coral reefs. Turquoise Bay is a popular spot for snorkelling and allows visitors to see a wide variety of tropical fish, reef sharks, and giant manta rays. Additionally, the Coral Bay area offers visitors a chance to swim with the world's largest fish, the whale shark.

Whale Shark Experiences

Swimming with whale sharks has become one of the top bucket-list experiences for many travellers. Luckily, the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is one of the best places in the world to see and swim with these gentle giants.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, growing up to 40 feet in length. Despite their size, they have a gentle nature and are known to be unthreatening to humans. Swimming alongside a whale shark is an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Exmouth offers a number of tours that allow visitors to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. The Whale Shark Tour, offered by Kings Ningaloo Reef Tours, is a full-day adventure that includes swimming with whale sharks, as well as snorkelling with other marine life and visiting popular snorkelling spots like Coral Bay. The tour is led by experienced guides who prioritize safety and environmental sustainability.

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Kalbarri National Park & Coral Gardens

Kalbarri National Park is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Western Australia. The park is home to an array of breathtaking natural wonders, including stunning gorges, scenic coastal cliffs, and some of the most stunning beaches you'll ever see. But one of the highlights of a visit to Kalbarri is exploring the Coral Gardens.

Located just off the coast of Kalbarri, the Coral Gardens is a pristine coral reef teeming with marine life. The reef is home to a diverse array of colourful tropical fish, as well as reef sharks and manta rays - making it the perfect spot for snorkelling and scuba diving. And with crystal-clear waters that offer visibility of up to 30 meters, you're sure to see some truly extraordinary sights.

But Coral Gardens isn't just a playground for experienced divers. Even those who have never gone snorkelling before can appreciate the beauty of the reef. The reef is easily accessible, and operators like Exmouth Adventure Co. and Ningaloo Discovery run snorkelling tours that cater to all levels of experience

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Jurien Bay & Turquoise Bay

Jurien Bay and Turquoise Bay are two of Western Australia's stunning coastal gems, offering visitors breathtaking views of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Located around 220 kilometres north of Perth, Jurien Bay is a quaint seaside town that offers visitors a relaxed and peaceful holiday. The town is surrounded by turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and fishing. The beaches here are pristine, providing a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening stroll or a family picnic. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of water sports such as jet-skiing, kayaking, and windsurfing.

For those interested in wildlife, Jurien Bay offers a unique experience at the nearby Molah Hill Conservation Park. This park is home to a variety of bird species and is an excellent spot for birdwatching. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of kangaroos, emus, and other native animals as they explore the park's walking trails.

Pristine Beaches and Humpback Whale Swim Experiences

If you're looking for a truly unforgettable experience in Western Australia, look no further than the pristine beaches and humpback whale swim tours of Exmouth. Nestled at the northern end of the Ningaloo Marine Park, Exmouth is home to some of the most picturesque and secluded beaches in the region.

Whether you're a seasoned beachgoer or simply looking to soak up the sun, the beaches of Exmouth offer something for everyone. From the soft white sand of Turquoise Bay to the rugged coastline of Cape Range National Park, you're sure to find a beach that suits your style.

But what really sets Exmouth apart is its incredible humpback whale swim experiences. Every year, these magnificent creatures migrate up the coast of Western Australia, and Exmouth is one of the best places to see them up close.

Unforgettable Experience with Cape Immersion Tours

If you're looking for an unforgettable adventure in Exmouth, look no further than Cape Immersion Tours. With a passion for showcasing the natural beauty of Western Australia, Cape Immersion Tours offers unique and immersive experiences that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Their tours take you on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park, where you'll have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks, snorkel among colourful coral reefs, and even try your hand at fishing in the crystal-clear waters.

But what sets Cape Immersion Tours apart is their commitment to sustainability and conservation. They work closely with local organizations to ensure that their tours minimize their impact on the environment and promote responsible, eco-friendly practices.

Is previous Experience Necessary?

When it comes to planning a trip or adventure, one of the biggest questions that may arise is whether or no previous experience is necessary. This is especially true when signing up for guided tours or activities, such as Exmouth tours.

The answer to this question can vary depending on the specific activity and tour. For some activities, such as swimming with whale sharks, no previous experience is required as long as you are able to swim. Tour guides will provide you with all the necessary training and equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

However, for activities such as reef snorkelling or scuba diving, previous experience may be necessary. Some tours will require participants to have a certain level of certification or prior experience in order to engage in these activities. This is because these activities can be more dangerous without the proper skills and training.

Ultimately, the goal of Exmouth Tours is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. By understanding the requirements for each activity and tour, you can ensure that you have the best possible experience while exploring the stunning landscapes and marine life of Western Australia.

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Largest Fish in the World – The Whale Shark

The whale shark is a magnificent creature that is often considered one of the most fascinating animals in the world. As the largest fish species in the world, whale sharks can grow up to 40 feet in length and weigh up to 20 tons. These gentle giants are named after their size and feeding habits, as they primarily feed on plankton, krill, and small fish.

Despite their enormous size, whale sharks are not dangerous to humans. They are slow-moving and docile, making them a popular attraction for tourists and divers who want to swim with them in the wild. In fact, many tour operators offer guided whale shark tours, where participants can swim and snorkel alongside these magnificent creature

Otway Forest

Otway Forest is a unique and captivating area located within the boundaries of Kakadu National Park. The forest boasts an amazing array of flora and fauna, including towering eucalyptus trees, lush rainforest understory, brilliantly coloured birdlife, and diverse wildlife. It is home to some of Australia’s oldest living trees as well as the endangered ghost bat population.

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